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Welcome to Leorang Exim

An ISO 9001:2015 certified Leorang Exim, Welcomes it’s patrons, without whom we are half filled. We at Leorang wants the end to end satisfaction for our customers and associates. One of the leading company across the world with one of the highest range of Intermedaites for Dyestuffs and Pigments, our focus is towards making Leorang a Renown brand internationally.

Benzene Derivatives, Napthalene Derivatives, Toluene Derivatives, our Intermediates are consisting of. We Are enjoying our sales in total 32 countries around the world, with idea of sharing our Business with most of the remaining parts too. Welcome at Leorang Exim, and allow us to satisfy you 100% with our Quality and Infrastructure.


Our Business Values with clients are as simple as LIFELONG "Business Relations", which can only be attained by our Quality Products, Transparent Trading Ethics and commitment towards Deliveries with a dedicated Support to the Customers of every class. Our Success Mantra is: You Win – we succeed!

Founder's Message

A Young and Energetic company needs a Young and Energetic founder and that’s where Mr. Ankit Vora AKA (A VORA) made a vision of founding a company which can work alongside with views and ideas of World across and India. With 100% Dedicated Attitude towards his Organisation, in a very short span Mr. A VORA has made this company renowned internationally.


Quality is not something that can be argued into an article or promised in just words. It must be put-in there. If it is not appropriate, the best sales practices in the world cannot act as a substitute.